About me

Some information about me.


my photoMy name is Richard, I live in Birmingham, United Kingdom, I graduated from journalism more than twelve years ago and authored many blogs and articles related to general male problems, I specialize in the latest medical solutions that can help with potency disorders, erection problems and member stimulation.

Although I am only a journalist by education, I am proud to boast that some of the articles I wrote have helped many men gain greater confidence and significantly improve their intimate lives.

Increasing the length of a member and extending an erection have a huge impact on the private life of every guy, I think that thanks to my work, at least a few people managed to save their marriages and relationships in which there was no love for a long time.

Remember that when a man having problems with erection or potency, when he decides to buy pills and start the treatment, he does not do it only for himself, but also for his girlfriend. Frequent and long sex is a guarantee of a successful relationship and relieves the tension growing between partners, while its small amount or poor quality can lead to serious problems, and in some cases even completely destroy the relationship.

My hobby is riding an off-road motorcycle, I love to ride in difficult terrain, explore forests and even climb the highest mountains and overcome deep mud. I am currently riding the KTM 500 EXC, but I plan to replace it with a lighter motorcycle next season.

My second biggest passion is off-road cycling and climbing to high mountain peaks, as well as lonely hiking in the mountains for several days, during which I train survival and spend the night under the open sky.